darkest_evening: (Doesn't make sense)
Adarin Evaniel Sorelas ([personal profile] darkest_evening) wrote 2014-10-08 01:53 am (UTC)

"Oh," says Prime, poker face not even cracking at this new delightful knowledge.

His emotions are complicated. Someone just died and was resurrected. Aya just died and was resurrected. Regardless of the other circumstances, that can't have been pleasant, and Prime's good at telling his feelings to shoo for a while so he can focus on more important things. He picks up the hurt at not being told and the worry over how it affected her and the desire to tell Aya that she should never lock him out of the loop while he's asleep again, and puts them into a neat little box in his mind to deal with when it's appropriate. Right now - she just died. That is probably upsetting.

He retrieves the mirrors, drops them off, and then goes to see if Aya needs a hug.

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