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Adarin Evaniel Sorelas ([personal profile] darkest_evening) wrote 2014-10-10 06:48 am (UTC)

"I was expecting emotional manipulation," teases Prime. "And emotional manipulation is very much about who it's aimed at. Tour guiding works, but I suspect there are better options, too. Something easy, hmm. ... I should clarify, I have zero desire to give you a useless busy work project or, for example, make you some kind of secretary. That would be a hilarious waste of your time and talents, and I like being efficient. Please don't worry about something like that, I'm a callous bastard, I don't give people fake work to make them feel good about themselves. There's a colonization effort going on in my Kystle right now, it's rather small scale and people are all very confused about day and night being a thing. I've also been adapting borrowed technology specs for their use, and I'm trying to make a stable supply line so I can get the delightful things called 'factories' up and running. It's going to entice people to lessen the strain on New Kystle's magical resources, because the fancy roads that climate control are not free, and really, Kystle's more livable and better for farming anyway. Do you want to go organize things there and make people all behave, or would you like another problem entirely?"

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