Date: 2014-10-10 06:58 am (UTC)
darkest_evening: (Give you an award)
"I have emotions in reaction. I just shove them in a box and ignore them. I'm offering it to you because you would actually have a basic understanding of how things work in a non-tidelocked planet, which is in short supply. Considering there are about five people alive who have actually lived when it was normal and not bizarre and strange. I'm one of them. The others are: my sister, and Lynn, who are busy, my father, who is still quite culture shocked - and I'm not actually so callous as to throw him at something when he's recovering from being resurrected - and Nereus, who is not allowed to go near anything sharp, ever. Let alone people. Essentially, none of them are in a position to tell people that it's okay for the temperature to change along with the sun disappearing and that it doesn't mean they'll immediately freeze to death. Or - actually, they're not experienced with seasons either, a fourth of them bolted through a portal when winter arrived. There is not another obvious candidate that knows about that sort of thing unless I outsource, and you are my first pick there."
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