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There are things to do, of course, besides being Aya's cuddle buddy. Prime is usually quite busy, and now is no exception. Just because he's personally out of mana, doesn't mean he's utterly useless. His plane's got mages in it, after all - and many of them owe him favors or are amenable to being paid. And they need mirrors, for communication. After longer than was strictly prudent spent comforting Aya, he bids her goodbye and goes to handle the less glamorous moments of being him. That is, talking to people, asking for favors, paying favors, persuading them to say yes, they'll use some of their precious magic stores to make mirrors.

Ironically enough, the one thing missing when he's finished is the mirrors themselves. Easy enough to fix, with Revelation. But he'll take care of it tomorrow - he's tired, and it's been a long and complicated and emotionally exhausting 'day,' even if he doesn't properly have them anymore. Sleep, and then he'll get back to dealing with it all. The mirrors, first, they're easiest, then continuing to figure out what to do about Aya.

When he wakes, he goes to talk to a demon about that. Knock, knock, calling Inferno, is Revelation in?
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"But - that's the old lady's house. It barely looks any different. Those flowers are annuals, they'd have had to be replanted, why would they be the exact same flowers she had me plant hundreds of years later with her dead and me gone...? The shutter's still broken - why would the shingles still be there, they're wood, shouldn't they have had to be replaced...?"
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"Maybe. Can you find the magic I fell into? I can look up in my notebooks where exactly it was, if that's not specific enough."
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And there by the road is the embroidered bear - and the wreckage of the cart - and there beyond is the sillhouette of her door -

"I don't think any time has passed in Tayane at all. I've been assuming everyone I ever met was dead, but - maybe they aren't."
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"I'm not sure. I wasn't even considering this possibility. I suppose it's a good thing I wasn't in a hurry to resurrect my parents, that would have been confusing."
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"If they're still alive they're more urgent than I'd previously thought, though mostly as a subset of the dealing with slavery thing. Meanwhile, the fallen wagon probably hasn't even been reported yet. I've been technically free since the first time Ice resurrected me, any magic that rids a slave of the heel mark frees them - Aelare's blessing, it's called - but they won't have that on the books, and that annoys me."
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"That sort of depends on what you mean. They don't have meaningful power over me any more, and haven't since I fell into the magic, but they do have a piece of paper that says they own me."
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"Well, that and if I'm going to do anything in Eseo I will need legal free status."
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"Not that very many people would recognize me, and I do have a clean heel now, but just in case."
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"In my case they did it when I was a baby, because my parents were - are, I suppose, probably - slaves. Freeborns are sold into slavery if they have debts they can't otherwise pay or if they commit certain crimes."
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"I don't remember how my parents wound up in their situations, but they were freeborn, I remember that."
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"Can you find them? I don't remember the name of the farm they were on when I was sold, and they may have been moved since, and they won't look like anybell else's parents, but..."
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"The people with my piece of paper might have a pedigree for me, I suppose, that could help tracking them down."
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"Oh, I was thinking I'd walk into the office and show them my heel and ask for it."

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