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There are things to do, of course, besides being Aya's cuddle buddy. Prime is usually quite busy, and now is no exception. Just because he's personally out of mana, doesn't mean he's utterly useless. His plane's got mages in it, after all - and many of them owe him favors or are amenable to being paid. And they need mirrors, for communication. After longer than was strictly prudent spent comforting Aya, he bids her goodbye and goes to handle the less glamorous moments of being him. That is, talking to people, asking for favors, paying favors, persuading them to say yes, they'll use some of their precious magic stores to make mirrors.

Ironically enough, the one thing missing when he's finished is the mirrors themselves. Easy enough to fix, with Revelation. But he'll take care of it tomorrow - he's tired, and it's been a long and complicated and emotionally exhausting 'day,' even if he doesn't properly have them anymore. Sleep, and then he'll get back to dealing with it all. The mirrors, first, they're easiest, then continuing to figure out what to do about Aya.

When he wakes, he goes to talk to a demon about that. Knock, knock, calling Inferno, is Revelation in?


Sep. 27th, 2014 09:55 pm
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It's a week or two before everything's nice and set up for searching for alts. All of the portals have been remade, spare mirrors have been created, and everyone that is allowed portal access gets a microchip. Even the gods. Rae accepts his without fuss, Perinixu - tolerates it. After a lot of questions. And a hefty donation from Cam in the form of another temple. Whatever, they managed it.

Cypress offers to do the scrying, but Prime shrugs him off. Which one of them is married and therefore has a wife to bang in his free time? Oh, right, yes, that's Cypress. Go, be free, twenty-something year old alt. Prime doesn't hate your happiness. (Much.) Now, if Prime gets married, they can divvy up the annoying work between themselves. But, not happening anytime soon, so he'll do it.

Exciting scrying happens. It involves lots of staring off into the distance and looking at places.

And then, he informs the various people arrayed around him in Pantheon:

"Found a set. A female Adarin, and a female Bell. Also a Zeviana and a - girl whom I don't recognize. And parents." Pause. "They're all living in the same house."

He dearly hopes they local Bell and Adarin are not siblings, that would make everyone uncomfortable. Oh, nope, look, the Bell and the Adarin just kissed. How quaint.

"Pretty sure they're not siblings," he clarifies. "Unless this is the plane of incest."


Jul. 26th, 2014 08:15 pm
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Once he leaves the - self-help meeting, Prime goes to his list of things to do. A lot of it has to do with Perinixu's temple and the acolyte responsible for bringing the goddess here. And magic, always magic. In particular, creating a stack-able set of portals-necklaces with limited amounts of mana is a challenge Prime hasn't encountered before. Even he can't manage it, not in the time frame that he'd like it to be finished.

So, he does the obvious thing. He outsources. He's not the only mage in the world, not even close, and he just so happens to be extremely rich. He asks (well, asks and then pays) a talented stoneshaper to make the necklaces in one fell swoop, and then spends several hours bugging significantly less busy mage healers at hospitals to make the portals. He only manages to get three sets, but he deems this 'better than nothing.' Especially considering most mages don't have a strong enough bloodline to manage a portal on their own. Just three was difficult to get, and required a lot of teamwork.

With that done, he heads off to Perinixu's temple, to shower Spring with gifts. In the sense that he will hand them to her, and then ask her nicely to use them to heal people.
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There is a lot of time spent making portals to various places. Pantheon starts as the unofficial hub, and then essentially becomes the official one. Prime makes a portal to Iobel's and Edarial's world, and then he gets to checking out the various new planes he has access to. One, in particular. It's really rather minor, in comparison to the others, but he considers it important.

Few people have the chance to - go back, do something again. But the other version of Kystle is a very specific exception. He knows what's in store for it if he doesn't do anything. Genocide for the invaders (Lynn would call it justified, he just thinks murder is murder), a second invasion of New Kystle, immortal psychopaths with sharp weaponry running around - not the kinds of things he wants. So Prime is thinking of ways to circumvent the problem.

It's unfortunately humbling when he finds no moral solution knocking at his door. There are plenty of immoral ones, but he doesn't touch those. Certainly, he could throw the out of work demon hunters at the plane, tell them to kill things, but that hardly solves the underlying problem. Even he, with all his power, can't save an entire planet. His sister couldn't, either. Not even both of them together.

Obviously, he needs more resources. He didn't deal much in other planes, not when the risks were so great. But now - now he knows that there are other versions of him, other versions of Bells. With various types of magic. Prime isn't a greedy man, but he knows new possible resources when he sees hints of them, and he wants them. He can fix - not his mistake in particular, but his mother's, the second bloodline's.

He spends some time scrying, and then he sighs and snaps his eyes shut. Yeah, that's definitely something. He did not need to see a younger version of himself having sex. Ever. Annoying how his alts seem to come in pairs with 'Bells,' it leads to awkward situations like this. Mirrors are retrieved, and then Prime informs everyone of what he's found - another Adarin, another Bell, together and obviously with some kind of magic.

Since Pantheon seems to be their impromptu central base, he retrieves a recent creation of his, and off he goes to meet with Spring. They're going to write a letter.


Jul. 7th, 2014 07:56 pm
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Prime wakes up a day later, takes care of some business that includes checking up on how Cypress's ghost is being treated, making sure ex-demon hunters are not killing anyone, having a brief chat with his father and a hug, and other general administrative and personal affairs. Then, brief meal, and back to sleep.

It's uneventful. Cypress and Ice go to several more restaurants (most of which are pretty, in interesting and unique ways) and return to Prime's home to snuggle and - forget about the events that'll transpire when they get home. Cypress misses Vernaia, he tolerates her being away from him but just gone entirely is - it obviously bothers him. He'd suggest going the way of Prime and spending the next day in sleep, but he can't ask it of his wife. He snuggles her, instead, and they distract each other from the things that are obviously wrong.

Then, completely predictably, Prime wakes up. He checks his mana stores. He gets notes from Cypress and casts the language spell, since it's cheap.

"Ready," he informs, when he has recovered enough from three days of near non-stop sleep to be reasonably awake and functional. He has a spot picked out for the portal, already. He does a bit of writing in his own book of cheat sheets, and then the empty wall by the front door gets - what looks like a painting. Specifically, a painting of the other side of the portal - Pantheon. It looks like a painting, too, not like a photograph. If someone looks closely, they can see what looks to be brush strokes, and little hints of mess here and there.

He touches the portal, murmurs "Pantheon" and then it shifts. To something more - real, lifelike. Like you could step through it to the other side.

"Done. After you?"


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